Britain’s General Union, Join us

About Us

GMB is a campaigning trade union focused on protecting GMB members in their workplaces and growing the number of GMB members in order to strengthen the Union’s power and  is made up of a number of unions who have merged over the last 120 years to become GMB – Britain’s General Union.


As GMB is a general union this means that anyone can join us. GMB has almost 619,000 members working in every part of the UK economy doing every type of job imaginable and our membership is made up of a wide and diverse cross section of Britain’s society.


Every day of the year GMB offers protection at work and solves problems for GMB members including disciplinary and grievance issues. GMB provide back up, representation and advice on every issue related to members lives at work.


GMB employ a team of experts on a range of issues including legal specialists, health and safety experts, pension specialists, human resource management staff and experts on terms and conditions. In fact, if you need advice and support about anything to do with work GMB can help you.


Whether you’re looking for better pay, improved childcare, realistic work-life balance, a change to long working hours, the elimination of poor health and safety or simply a desire for respect from your employer; together our voices are much more powerful than one voice alone.


The Region is split into three Geographical teams who each cover part of the Region;



The Northern Area covers the East riding of Yorkshire, Hull, Parts of North Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire and is served by offices located in Hull and Lincoln  contact


The Central area covers Nottinghamshire, Derby and South Derbyshire, Bassetlaw and is served by the Regional office in Nottingham  contact


The Southern Area covers Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire (South of Lincoln) and Peterborough and is served by offices in Leicester and Peterborough  contact