Britain’s General Union, Join us

We are looking for people like you!

The GMB are searching for Labour Party candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds who can use their knowledge, skills and experience to represent the families and communities of our members in council chambers and in the UK and European Parliament.

The GMB will work to develop prospective candidates wgo have the values, passion and committment to be a strong voice for working people to ensure they are given the requisite knowledge and experience to seek selection for elected office, campaign effectively to win and undertake these roles succesfully, if elected.

The GMB are searching for candidates who meet the following criteria:

Member of the GMB

Committed to the aims and values of the Labour Party and Trade Union Movement

Actively involved in their community or workplace

Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and to work collaboratively, listen and relate well to others

Have good planning, organisational and time management skills

With the support of the GMB, candidates will also need to develop:

Knowledge and understanding of the Labour Party and of policy issues and processs

Knowledge and understanding of how government works and where decisions are made, e.g. local authority, national government or the European Union

Knowledge and understanding of the GMB and the wider Trade Union movement

Understanding and experience in the application of modern campaign techniques

Media and effective comminication skills

If you would like to become more active in the Labour movement or alternatively if you would like more information, please click to get involved.