Education and learning

GMB puts emphasis on the education and learning opportunities for its members – especially for its activists. To become active in the GMB means using skills and applying knowledge – skills for communication, persuasion, representation and leadership. Few are born with such skills or knowledge – but many can acquire them through education and learning.

GMB offers a range of regional services and support for education and learning. These Regional services are primarily aimed at GMB representatives.

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Courses for GMB Representatives

Initial Support Training: All GMB reps begin their training with an Initial Support session provided by their allocated GMB Regional Organiser (full time officer) . This should take place within 6 weeks of being appointed. Kits to support the work of reps are provided at this Initial Support Training session.

The Regional Programme aims to offer new GMB representatives PROGRESSION routes and for existing reps opportunities to REFRESH — so that ALL GMB reps feel there is a place for them in the programme.

All trade union Reps have rights to time off to attend union-approved courses which are free of charge.

GMB Reps are provided with traveling expenses and subsistence to cover out of pocket costs while attending.

The programme is offered in 3 “strands” covering

  • Workplace Organising Reps
  • Safety Reps and
  • Union Learning Reps - to assist learning in the workplace.

Alongside of these 3 main strands are short courses which are given dates in the programme but can be offered at short notice—IN RESPONSE TO DEMAND.

To Contact the Regional Education Service ring 0115 9601105 or email