Health and safety

The conditions for health and safety at work has long been a top priority for GMB and for all our members.  0ver 90% of accidents are preventable according to the Health and Safety Executive – and over 70% can be attributed to lack of action by mangers. The GMB’s approach to health and safety puts prevention at the centre of our aims.

GMB Safety Representatives

The “front-line” of the GMB’s health and safety service is provided by the Safety Representatives appointed by GMB members at workplaces throughout the Region. Safety Reps are the workers’ watchdogs and voice on health and safety at the workplace.

Almost all companies where the GMB has recognition will have at least one appointed Safety Representative. Very often this will be the same person who takes on the role as workplace representative, or ‘Workplace Organiser’.

Safety Rep’s have extensive legal rights. This means that they are able to obtain information about how the employer intends to manage safety in the workplace and can request the setting up of a Safety Committee to discuss matters and raise concerns directly with managers. Workplaces with Safety Representatives have an accident rate around half that of workplaces without any union presence.

GMB members are encouraged to turn to their Safety Rep first when they have a health and safety problem or concern at work which has not been resolved by the employer. Safety Reps are able to access a range of training programmes via the GMB and are supported by GMB Branches and full time GMB Officers.

GMB Safety Reps are also backed up by the Regional Health and Safety Service (see link on menu) headed by the Regional Health and Safety Officer, based at Nottingham. Ring 0115 9601105 or email sarah.worth