Dear Colleagues


Please be advised that at the request of the GMB Trade Union and Unite the Union meetings were held last week over a 3 day period to try and resolve the issue over the terms and conditions of the single status agreement.  As a consequence these talks have not been as productive as we would have liked them to be, but we have high hopes that we can reach a conclusion that will be acceptable to the majority of our members.  Bearing in mind that management took the opportunity to implement some of the changes that they were proposing, the negotiating teams on behalf of the Union’s made it quite clear that National terms and conditions of employment under the green and red books respectively will not be changed locally.  To this end we still pursue the Authority and would hope that they will see common sense and the validity of our argument. 

Meetings have been arranged for later in the week and as a result of various aspects over the changes that have been proposed we have had to consider what is best for all of our members, bearing in mind that the travel plan, sick pay and 24/7 working are all of great concern.  All other terms and conditions that the Authority indicated they wish to consider changing we will make the assurance that the negotiating committee will endeavour to get the best results for our members and we would ask that you bear with us.  If you have any concerns please try and speak to your local representative in the first instance, but if this is not possible or they are unsure themselves please feel free to contact Chris Needham, Organiser either by email at or at the GMB Regional Office on 0115 9607171.  Please note though that we are taking on average 100 calls per day at the Regional Office on single status and some of these calls are being passed to Gary Chambers, Dave Green and Thelsa Jackson to ensure that everyone receives a response. 

We also implemented a series of meetings in schools and local departments where we have GMB members to try and assure them that the way forward is not just being left in the hands of management to impose.  We hope that we will be in a position over the next two weeks to come to a conclusion in this matter and therefore will be able to put the full picture to our members.  Bearing in mind that you are being requested to sign agreements by the 14th May we have asked for another extension to this as we have only just seen sight of the new three compromise agreements today 11th May which the Authority propose to use.  As a consequence we don’t believe that the 14th May is a realistic position to be in and the Authority have intimated that if anyone has any queries or appeals that they may have an extension potentially to the 28th May.  We are requesting a meeting later this week to ask that this be extended to all employees within the Authority giving all the trade unions the opportunity to give the best advice wherever it is sought.

Assuring you of our best intentions.

Chris Needham, Regional Organiser on behalf of the GMB Trade Union along with Gary Chambers, Nottingham No5 Branch Secretary and Thelsa Jackson Nottingham City Branch Secretary.

12 may 2010